SmartVault Earns 4 Stars in Document Management Review

From the June 2009 Review of Document Storage Systems by The CPA Technology Advisor.

This is a niche solution designed specifically as a companion product for QuickBooks. This is an online solution that integrates with your locally installed QuickBooks software. The company just recently announced the release of a client bookkeeping solution aimed specifically at accounting professionals who provide client bookkeeping services. As well, the new version includes updates to the SmartVault portal, Help and support sites.

User Interface:

For QuickBooks users, the user interface rating is 5 stars. The primary point of interface for SmartVault is through the QuickBooks transaction entry screens. While entering a QB transaction, three SmartVault buttons appear on the right side of the screen. The paperclip button is used to attach an image of a source document or a supporting file attachment to the current transaction. The folder icon allows you to view source documents already attached to the QB transaction. The note icon lets you draft and attach a note to the current transaction.

When you want to attach a document or file to a QB transaction, you can choose from three alternative sources. The scan button will activate the scanner and attach the image to the transaction. The browse button lets you browse to upload a file to attach to the transaction. The inbox button lets you add documents that are currently stored in the SmartVault Inbox. You can drag and drop documents from the desktop or Outlook directly to the QB transactions.

File Organization/Management:

For QuickBooks users, the File Organization/Management rating is 5 stars. The documents and files are organized based upon the client to whom they are assigned and the QB transaction or master file record to which they are attached. Therefore, you don’t have to establish index values per se. Instead, you attach the file to the designated transaction in order to find it.

Due to the fact that SmartVault is an online solution, they were able to include portal functionality as an extension of the application. You can set up a portal account login for each client and the documents/files will be presented based upon the type of QB transaction. The portal screen displays a list of all the QB transaction types, i.e., Bills and Credits, Employees, Bill Payments, etc. For each type of transaction, it lists the number of files and notes attached. You click through to display the requested file or note. By the way, clients can view portal files directly without accessing QuickBooks.