SmartVault Announces Partnership with InsynQ

Providing Document Management Solution to InsynQ Hosted QuickBooks® Customers: Thousands of InsynQ Subscribers to Gain Immediate Benefit of SmartVault

HOUSTON, TX – May 20, 2009 – SmartVault, a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of document management solutions designed for QuickBooks, announced that it has partnered with InsynQ, Inc., a leading provider of outsourced software application hosting and managed IT services, to make SmartVault available to thousands of InsynQ e-Accounting subscribers.

The combination will provide InsynQ subscribers an award-winning on-demand document management solution that is uniquely optimized for QuickBooks, allowing users to easily scan and attach documents, e-mails, and notes directly to their QuickBooks transactions via SmartVault’s patent-pending toolbar. Documents are then stored in SmartVault’s secure SAS_70 Type II datacenter and can be accessed anytime or anywhere from QuickBooks or via SmartVault’s Web portal.

“We are extremely excited to partner with SmartVault,” said Joanie Mann, executive vice president, InsynQ. “SmartVault’s unique integration with QuickBooks in the hosting platform will help our business and accounting clients continue to add value to their service, drive increased revenue and keep their costs of doing business down. In addition, the SmartVault Inbox technology makes scanning and connecting images to transactions in hosted QuickBooks a seamless and simple process.”

“We are pleased to partner with InsynQ to provide our award winning document management solution to e-Accounting subscribers and users of InsynQ hosted QuickBooks,” said Eric Pulaski, co-founder and CEO, SmartVault. “SmartVault is an ideal solution for accounting professionals who provide client bookkeeping as part of their service offering, as well as business users of QuickBooks. InsynQ subscribers will now have the ability to dramatically simplify the document management process.”

Under the terms of the agreement, customers of InsynQ who wish to implement SmartVault will need to sign up for the service with SmartVault directly and will receive a 10 percent discount off the monthly base plans, starting at $19/month. They can do this by linking to SmartVault directly from the InsynQ e-Accounting web site at to a registration form on the SmartVault web site, and will be billed for the monthly subscription directly by SmartVault.