SmartVault and Right Networks Partner

Providing Document Management Solution to Right Networks Hosted QuickBooks Customers

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 1, 2009 – At the California Accounting & Business Show and Conference, SmartVault, a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of document management solutions designed for QuickBooks, announced that it has partnered with Right Networks, a leading provider of application hosting and technology services to small and medium businesses, to make SmartVault available to thousands of Right Networks customers.

The combination will provide Right Networks subscribers an award-winning on-demand document management solution that is uniquely optimized for QuickBooks, allowing users to seamlessly scan and attach documents, e-mails, and notes directly to their QuickBooks transactions via SmartVault’s patent-pending toolbar. Documents are then stored in SmartVault’s secure SAS70 Type II datacenter and can be accessed anytime or anywhere from QuickBooks or via SmartVault’s online document portal.

“As the leading hosting provider of desktop editions of QuickBooks software, we are pleased to host SmartVault as a best-in-class document management solution for QuickBooks users,” said John Farrer, VP of Operations, at Right Networks. “SmartVault’s unique integration with QuickBooks works superbly in our hosted environment and we expect it will help our clients expand their businesses, add value to their service offerings and keep costs down.”

“We are pleased to partner with Right Networks to provide SmartVault’s award winning document management solution to users of Right Networks hosted QuickBooks offering,” said Eric Pulaski, co-founder and CEO, SmartVault. “SmartVault works seamlessly with QuickBooks and will help Right Networks customers store and share documents anytime, anywhere and go paperless quickly and easily.”

Under the terms of the agreement, customers of Right Networks who wish to implement SmartVault will need to sign up for the service with SmartVault directly and will receive a 10 percent discount off the monthly base plans, starting at $19/month. Right Networks customers can get more information about using SmartVault in their hosted environment by visiting

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