Inbox Offers Users Flexible Workflow for Processing Documents, Enhancing Efficiency and Time Management

Houston, TX – November 6, 2008 – SmartVault Corporation, the first web-based solution to enable QuickBooks users to securely store and share documents, today announced the availability of its newest release, featuring several enhancements including the SmartVault Inbox and upgrades to its user portal. With the electronic inbox, SmartVault has taken a simple design approach by allowing users to scan and upload documents into an electronic inbox for later processing, with or without access to QuickBooks. Because SmartVault utilizes a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, upgrades are available immediately, allowing customers to take full advantage of development efforts with no change in monthly subscription fees and no additional costs.

The SmartVault Inbox allows users to streamline their document processing workflow, placing scanned documents into an electronic holding bin. For users that do not use QuickBooks, but do receive invoices, bills and other documents that need processing, the SmartVault Inbox gives them the ability to scan and upload those documents to be processed either by another person or at another location altogether. And for the QuickBooks user that would like the option to work in bulk, holding the documents in the inbox for later processing within QuickBooks improves workflow and reduces clutter.

Here’s How It Works:

Simply scan your incoming mail, receipts, bank statements, and other documents into your SmartVault Inbox for later processing. Your bookkeeper or other QuickBooks user can open the Inbox and process documents one-by-one, attaching them directly to QuickBooks entries.

With the SmartVault Inbox, users can now enjoy the following benefits:

  • Support for non-QuickBooks users. Users without access to QuickBooks now have the ability to scan documents into SmartVault.
  • Streamline document processing workflow. Scan documents as they come in, creating a faster turnaround and paperless office.
  • Reduce bookkeeper and accounting costs. Adding notes or instructions for each document eliminates costly back-and-forth conversations with your bookkeeper or accountant when they process the documents.

“We’ve listened to the needs of our customers, and are pleased to announce the addition of the SmartVault Inbox,” said CEO Eric Pulaski. “This enhancement makes going paperless easier than ever before. By making it simple to organize documents for their bookkeeper or accountant to process, small and medium sized businesses can enjoy the benefits of going paperless with or without QuickBooks. Our customers will continue to benefit from a development team committed to frequent updates and enhancements to our offering, something they just can’t get with more traditional software applications.”

In addition to the SmartVault Inbox feature, SmartVault continues to improve its overall offering, leveraging the feedback from its active user community. In response to user requests, SmartVault has added enhancements such as the “Refer A Friend” feature so users can now invite a friend, accountant or business partner to try SmartVault directly from the SmartVault Portal. They can also take advantage of enhanced scanning options with the Duplex scanning feature located in the Attach Document dialog.