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Transform your
tax prep workflow.

The only built-in document management and client portal for Lacerte ® and ProSeries ®

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Introducing SmartVault for Tax Year 2016!

Speed up and simplify your workflow by letting SmartVault
automate these repetitive, manual or paper-based tasks.

Print and distribute tax
and monitor
client activity in the
SmartVault Dashboard.
Get email alerts when
clients upload source
files to SmartVault.
Print completed tax
from any tax
app to the right client
folder in SmartVault.
Distribute final
returns in bulk
customizable email
templates and powerful
mail merge technology.


Easily add new engagements,
clients or employees

Automatically create folders, users,
security permissions and workflow rules based
on out-of-the-box customizable templates

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“I estimate that we easily saved about 15 minutes per tax return. If I multiple this by 2,500 returns, I would say that we saved about $10,000 in labor costs. And that’s a big win!”

We run so much more efficiently now. I would estimate a 30% increase in time savings. This is huge, because saving time translates into saving money. ”

SmartVault is the future of the profession. All-digital is where firms should be. It's certainly where we want to be. ”

SmartVault has been the best tool for getting information from my clients in an easy and secure manner. My clients rave to me about the easy-to-use functionality of the software. ”

I’ve experienced a 25% savings across the board when I figure in all the money saved by eliminating paper, postage, and the decrease in time I spent mired down in a manual workflow”

“We use the SmartVault client portal to communicate with clients and deliver files. It’s so efficient, and it’s the level of digital service that the majority of our clients expect.”

“I love the SmartVault Connected Desktop - being able to print directly to SmartVault has been a huge time saver. SmartVault has definitely reduced our request for ... financial documents that the banks request for loans.”

“Usually I would be worried about switching technology [Intuit DMS for SmartVault] right before tax season, but it all turned out fine. And, this year was the best tax season I’ve ever had!”

“This was my first year going paperless and I love it. SmartVault has helped me streamline my workflow and has allowed me to easily grow my practice. Another benefit is I had far less paper cuts this tax season!”

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Why Choose SmartVault?

Built-in document management
for Lacerte® and ProSeries®

Save files directly to client folders right from Lacerte or ProSeries. Get continuous offsite backup and professional security management for all your documents.

Integrated client portals
for secure, compliant file

Get a custom-branded client portal for securely sharing files with clients. Give your clients a secure way to access their tax returns anytime, anywhere.

Set up is easy and
automated with customizable folder templates

Set up folders and grant security permissions automatically using data from Lacerte or ProSeries. Easily update or add new clients using customizable folder templates.


Intuit partnered with SmartVault to provide integrated document management
and a secure, compliant client portal for safely storing and sharing files.

More than 5,000 accountants shared documents and tax returns with over 140,000 of their clients last year with SmartVault.

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Learn how SmartVault can save you time by reducing manual, repetitive tasks so you can focus on higher value activities.


Security & Compliance

Learn how SmartVault supports compliant workflows for:

News & Awards

SmartVault Wins Accountex 2017 User Favorite Award!

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the 2017 pics


Easy for your clients (and your employees) to get documents into SmartVault.

Batch print and distribute
tax organizers to clients

Kick off your tax prep workflow by automating the distribution of tax organizers. Increase client collaboration with the new SmartVault Dashboard where you can view the different states.

Instantly scan and upload documents to the cloud

Use simple scanning wizards to scan and upload documents to SmartVault from any TWAIN scanner. Get one-click scanning with special integrations with select Canon and Fujitsu scanners.

Drag and drop files directly from Outlook to SmartVault

Upload attachments or entire emails to SmartVault. Request files from clients and convert email attachments to secure links – all from Outlook.


Easy to find, edit and share files – even easier to add new clients to SmartVault.

Find, view, edit and share documents with speed and efficiency

Firm and client documents are at your fingertips. Search, sort and find files quickly and send secure links to files – all from the SmartVault Connected Desktop.

Simplify the process for
adding new clients, new tax
years or new engagements

Built-in customizable templates let you automatically create folders, users, security permissions and workflow rules.

The fastest, most secure way to get documents signed online

Use SmartVault's e-signature solution, powered by DocuSign, for all documents, including IRS forms 8878 and 8879, which require KBA for compliance


Print and automatically route files to the right folder in SmartVault from any app.

Print and auto route
documents from any tax
app with the SmartVault
Print Driver

Use out of the box tags to classify and route files to the right folder for the right client.

Save time with auto check in / check out of files

File locking restricts other users from being able to move, edit or delete the file. After the edits are complete, the file is automatically unlocked – no manual check in / check out to slow you down.

Run audit reports and get automated alerts

Automatic alerts notify when files are ready to be viewed. Audit reports let you track employee and client activity – an important process for meeting compliance requirements.


Secure, compliant file sharing plus email templates for
fast, efficient distribution of documents.

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Increase professionalism
with a custom branded
client portal

You and your clients can securely share files through a secure client portal, custom branded to match your website. Easy to integrate a client login right from your own homepage.

Distribute documents in bulk
– email 5, 50 or 500 clients in
one easy step

Using powerful mail merge technology and custom email templates, you can send customized emails to your clients in one easy step. Huge time saver when distributing financial statements, organizers and final returns.

Improve client collaboration
with always-on access to files
from your mobile device

You and your clients can upload, view and share files anytime and from anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.

Let SmartVault help you automate your routine, repetitive
tasks, so you can focus on what’s important... your clients.

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