SmartVault Customer Testimonials

“SmartVault is the industry standard. There is no other product like it… I can’t imagine having an efficient and profitable bookkeeping practice without it!”

Download PDF View Story Virtual Bookkeeping Gabrielle Fontaine Professional Bookkeeper

“Our tax prep has grown progressively year over year. I can honestly say that we’ve seen this growth because our operations are very streamlined. We are so much more efficient now that we use SmartVault.”

Penniwise Tax & Accounting Services

“SmartVault came out as the clear winner... I found the system to be very easy to use, but more importantly, it was easy for my clients. I found that the majority of clients were up and running almost immediately.”

Download PDF View Story Penni Echols Owner Penniwise Accounting & Tax Services

“We like SmartVault so much better than what we were using before. In fact, our staff actually avoided using our previous document management solution—they disliked it that much—and now everyone is happily using SmartVault as part of our integrated system.”

Download PDF View Story Pauline Sullinger Director of T.A.S.C. Miller Grossbard Advisors, LLP

“I’m 100% about client satisfaction, whether that means a paperless process, portals, or still delivering a paper copy. I want my clients to be happy. SmartVault allows me to support all my clients, no matter where they are in the paperless transition.”

“SmartVault is a very robust system, but it’s also user-friendly. I feel confident that SmartVault will continue to be an ideal partner, keeping us in compliance with SEC/FINRA document storage and security regulations while also helping us build a more collaborative work environment.”

“We have for sure saved time because we can easily support our out-of-state and out-of-country clients. Having a system that is ‘always on’ is great.”

“Since all of our client and employee files are securely in the cloud with SmartVault, our employee relocated and was still able to serve our clients without missing a beat. It gives me confidence that we can add additional staff from other areas of the country to serve more clients and continue to grow without being limited to our own backyard from a talent or client perspective.”

Download PDF View Story Karen Dellaripa Principal Beyond Your Books

“SmartVault has been integral in helping us standardize client services. We were able to create our own unique, uniform filing structure within the system, so now all we have to do is duplicate the file structure for each new client. It makes the onboarding process much easier.”

Download PDF View Story Marsha Gibb Onboarding Manager Growthforce

Firm Chooses SmartVault's Lacerte Integration over eFileCabinet

“It’s a great solution. We are a paperless firm, and because SmartVault seamlessly integrates with Lacerte, we can maintain an efficient electronic tax process.”

Virtual CPA

Virtual CPA attracts digital clients with online workflow

“My clients are tech savvy, when I explain how SmartVault works and the level of security built in, they understand and appreciate it... They like and trust the technology.”

“SmartVault's Connected Desktop makes filing client documents very logical and easy. Convenience seems to be at the heart of system enhancements. SmartVault has our back.”

International Tax & Accounting

“I estimate that we’ve boosted efficiency during tax season by at least 90% since implementing SmartVault... I used to ‘survive’ during tax season. I now operate much more efficiently. SmartVault allows me to have the life outside of work that I desire as well.”


“I estimate that we easily saved about 15 minutes per tax return. If I multiple this by 2,500 returns, I would say that we saved about $10,000 in labor costs. And that’s a big win!”

Tim Powell chose SmartVault over eFileCabinet

Seamless migration from eFileCabinet to SmartVault

“Switching from eFileCabinet was one of the best moves I made this year. We are operating so much more efficiently now with SmartVault in place.”

“I’ve experienced a 25% savings across the board when I figure in all the money saved by eliminating paper, postage, and the decrease in time I spent mired down in a manual workflow”

Download PDF View Story Anne Rosa Owner Anne Rosa, CPA

“We use the SmartVault client portal to communicate with clients and deliver files. It’s so efficient, and it’s the level of digital service that the majority of our clients expect.”

“Working within an online system has helped me streamline workflow and boost efficiency ... I was able to transition from hourly billing to fixed fees.”

Download PDF View Story Donna Olah-Reiken Owner Preferred Small Business Solutions

“I absolutely love that I’ve lost the paper and everything is digital now. When I travel to meet with clients, or when my husband and I take a vacation, I can take my entire office with me.”

Download PDF View Story Eva Harvey Owner Office Management Services

“Loved the ability to securely send tax returns to clients, it improved my service to them. Also appreciate the ability to keep {in storage without paper copies} years of tax returns going forward.”

Tracy Liner Owner Accounts Plus LLC

“Compared to Lacerte's DMS, SmartVault is awesome.”

Alex E Krasnomowitz Managing Member

“SmartVault is the future of the profession. All-digital is where firms should be. It's certainly where we want to be.”

Download PDF View Story Darrell Layman, CPA Firm Owner

“What do I love about SmartVault?? EVERYTHING!!! SmartVault has brought our firm to the next level. Since we are based in the Washington DC Metropolitan area (northern Virginia) we have a lot of government and military clients. For us to retain those clients that are either transferred or relocated to another area, we have to provide a secure method to correspond with them in order to complete the filing of their tax return. Almost all the feedback from our clients that use SmartVault has been extremely positive. They have stated that it is easy to sign up for and use. Great job SmartVault and THANK YOU for making our dreams and goals come true for our firm!”

Joshua Jones Enrolled Agent / Tax Professional Complex Tax & Accounting

“I love that I can set up and organize my files, my way... and the QuickBooks integration is fantastic! SmartVault and QuickBooks are like great friends that work very well together.”

“We loved the way SmartVault looked like Intuit DMS in ProSeries.”

David Kahn David & Kahn

“I have been working with SmartVault for just over 1 month. It was recommended by Lacerte for our tax document storage. It is such an improvement over the DMS program we had before. I just loaded the Outlook link and I love it even more! The client emails were getting out of control. Now I can load their emails into their individual vaults. Thank you for creating a great program!”

Julie Dutton Office Manager Dutton Accountancy Corp

“From the beginning of my relationship with SmartVault and their employees I have felt that this was a Company that truly cared about providing a quality service to each customer. An unfortunate fact of life is that my former data management company is so large that a sole proprietor like as me is not even a blip on their screen. In contrast my experience with SmartVault made me feel I was actually working with human beings that wanted to help if a problem arose. Susan Guggenheim did most of my training and could not have been more attentive or helpful. When I experienced some hiccups with the initial data transfer and was not getting enough help at Support, she stepped in and made sure that I was taken care of. Generally speaking I am very happy that we moved into the cloud with SmartVault for our data storage and management solution.”

William T. Ivison Owner Ivison CPA

“The scan quality seems better in SmartVault than in DMS.”

Lisa Jackson

“The SmartVault Connected Desktop application has made our transition from DMS very easy. Technical Support has been responsive and helpful.”

Dirk Palmer Manager R E Palmer CPA Inc

“We run so much more efficiently now. I would estimate a 30% increase in time savings. This is huge, because saving time translates into saving money.”

Download PDF View Story Robert Laundry CPA Robert Laundry, CPA

“We loved your great support staff!”

Tom Levins Owner Thomas P. Levins, Jr., Tax & Business Services

“I love the web access it provides, as opposed to local access only from Intuit's older DMS.”

Owen Thornton President Thornton & Thornton, Inc.

“The Connected Desktop was a huge improvement this year, it removed the clunkiness of using the portal. Saving to the Inbox folder has also been very handy. Your tech support was very responsive to any needs we had.”

Chad Carriero Accountant

“Love the integration with ProSeries and Lacerte.”

Marc Gedeon Gedeon Law & CPA

“I love the DMS-like SmartVault Connected Desktop because of familiarity with that product. And also the portal - when fully operational in my office - I should be able to cancel my ShareFile service because of the portal”

“We love the ease of use and integration with Lacerte. Great PDF editing tool.”

Alan Crouse Partner McDonald Cointot Crouse LLP

“Usually I would be worried about switching technology [Intuit DMS for SmartVault] right before tax season, but it all turned out fine. And, this year was the best tax season I’ve ever had!”

Download PDF View Story Jim Batten Enrolled Agent Grewen, Inc.

“Fast, easy to use. Much more stable than Intuit DMS”

Corey Meyer CPA Meyer & Company, CPAs, PS

“Being able to print from Lacerte to SmartVault provides GREAT value!”

Charles Mulberg Principal Mulberg & Associates PLLC

“SmartVault is hands-down the most intuitive document management and portal solution available to the accounting profession. Our clients love it!”

Download PDF View Story Scott Kregel CPA, MST, Owner Kregel & Company

“Moving to SmartVault has cut out at least 75% of on-premise paperwork. And in the restaurant industry, that’s a lot of paper.”

“I can have all of my clients access their completed tax returns for all prior years whenever they want to 24/7. It saves me time mailing or e-mailing files in response to their requests. My clients seem to really like this feature. I have many clients that are in the military and need access from all over the world. One client was 3,000 miles away and was doing a refi on one of his rentals, and was overjoyed that he could access all prior year returns for the loan officer with his secure login. Having SmartVault makes my business more professional and ahead of other similar businesses that don't offer these features.”

Rebecca Neilson Owner Neilson Bookkeeping

“SmartVault has made the auditing process so much more efficient. Not only is sharing documents with our auditors fast and easy, but it’s also much more secure, and that’s priceless.”

“Having the ability to have separate vaults for clients who can send us info by uploading is amazing. Also the {email} notification are great. Posting returns for review is also so handy and green. Would love to see even more functionality and advances I indicated on the survey above in the coming year. Thank you!”

Dave Pelzner CPA / Partner Pelzner & Associates

“SmartVault simplifies what could have been a highly complex document sharing process, and that is pure gold to a firm dedicated to reaching a state of complete virtualness.”

Download PDF View Story Mark Grant, CPA Firm Owner

“An encrypted portal is becoming essential to communicating with my clients, and this provides that level of security and confidence when dealing with personal tax information. The off-site storage of historical data is an essential aspect of this program.”

Fred Moore President Personalized Accounting Services Inc

“SmartVault not only offers a powerful cloud-based document management system, it also integrates with QuickBooks. The two-way sync means no re-keying of data—saving me tons of time.”

Download PDF View Story Rohit Lalwani Controller

“I love the SmartVault Connected Desktop”

Melissa Thomas CPA Melissa Thomas CPA

“SmartVault has been the best tool for getting information from my clients in an easy and secure manner. My clients rave to me about the easy-to-use functionality of the software.”

Daniel Magence Principal Pristine CPA Solutions

“Easy to use; Fast uploads; Great integration with Lacerte; You guys have made a lot of good improvements in a short period of time!”

“SmartVault is very important in attracting the right clients to my firm. It offers the advanced technology my business clients want to securely access, share, and store their financial documents”

Download PDF View Story Kimmo Jarvinen Owner, MBA Axel

“This was my first year going paperless and I love it. SmartVault has helped me streamline my workflow and has allowed me to easily grow my practice. Another benefit is I had far less paper cuts this tax season!”

Barry Dolowich President Barry Dolowich, CPA, Inc.

“Digital signature integration was a home run!”

Billy Barton President Barton's Tax & Accounting Service

“I love the ease of use and the professional commitment to serve and support your customers when there is an issue.”

D Wilson Overton Owner D. Wilson Overton, Cpa/Consultant

“SmartVault was the right client portal solution, all around. It's a highly secure platform for sharing documents in the cloud and is easy to implement and learn.”

Nathan Coffey, EA - Tax Workflow

“I am excited that we are moving forward by implementing technology to help us increase efficiencies in several of our processes. I know it’s the right move.”

Download PDF View Story Nathan Coffey, EA, LTC Chief Technology Officer Tax Matters, Inc.

“Both myself and my clients that used SmartVault liked it for the most part. I like that I have a secure way to send the tax return to the clients for review.”

Dj Lipton Weide CEO Lipton Tax Company, Inc.

“We all love SmartVault. All the source docs are attached within QuickBooks, so the information is always at our fingertips. We are so much more efficient now. I could never go back to the old way of working.”

“SmartVault has helped to bolster my professional image... it makes my firm look exceptionally tech savvy and progressive, allowing me to offer advanced online services like the big firms do.The technology makes all the difference!”

Jan Walker, Inform Accounting

“There is so much value in this integration. Every source document is attached to an entry in QuickBooks, so we can access files from either system any time and from anywhere.”

“SmartVault allowed us to eliminate paper and manual tasks, but the real selling point was the security. There is no other solution that matches the security of SmartVault”

Download PDF View Story Lindsay Polyak Business Manager Knutson CPA, PLLC

“Love that we don't have to have a separate filing system and client portal - definitely saved time not double uploading this tax year!”

Lindsay Foucht Office Manager Duggar & Traylor, LLC

“I like sharing documents securely with clients. Much better than Dropbox etc. when so many documents are in motion. The SmartVault Connected Desktop does keep me connected.”

“I love the fact that my clients can upload documents on their timetable and not send them to me via email. I really like the organizational structure but I think I can improve upon that for next year.”

Steve Hocheiser Owner Hocheiser CPA

“SmartVault was so easy to access when we needed to go back to originals provided by clients. It really made our lives easier as an accounting practice. It also was very convenient to be able to provide any document to the client, by right clicking on the document in the integrated SmartVault Connected Desktop.”

Jennifer Wiard Accountant Stephens & Soetenga, CPAs

“I like SmartVault because my clients liked the ability to upload and archive their files securely.”

David Niemetz Owner The Niemetz Group, Inc

“Today, it’s all about technology when it comes to serving clients. Without this advanced solution in place, we would not have the ability to be as proactive as we are in identifying and avoiding project issues.”

Download PDF View Story James Easley President Truly Noble Services

“We could not be happier since moving to SmartVault... it was a quick and easy implementation, and so far has saved us hours and hours of manual work.”

Download PDF View Story Rhonda Whitlow Accounts Payable Coordinator Talent Plus, Inc.
Star Lanigan

“SmartVault helped me expand – I’ve gone from just me to 5 people!”

View Story Star Lanigan CPA Star Lanigan & Associates
Coral MsQuire

“I tell my clients…here is a scanner, here is SmartVault…and they scan their files right into SmartVault where I can pick them up – I love my gas bill now!”

View Story Coral McGuire CPA Sacramento Accounting Solutions
Diana Fields

“I love the Outlook plug-in, I can send files to my contractors and upload to SmartVault in one-click.”

View Story Diana Fields Principal Fields Bookkeeping Services

“Implementation could not have been easier. SmartVault’s support team could not have been more helpful. And I could not be more pleased with the outcome”

Download PDF View Story Bruce Phillips CPA & Partner Harshman Phillips

“It was fairly easy to use, and your support people did try to work with us during the transition from DMS. Hopefully all the issues that were deferred during the busy season will be addressed now that the crunch has passed.”

Richard Sheft Partner Wurmbrand, Lerner & Sheft LLP

“For me, there is no other choice. Cloud-based innovations offer so much more than traditional suites, and SmartVault is a prime example.”

Download PDF View Story Jason Blumer Chief Innovation Officer Blumer & Associates

“We’ve experienced about a 30-40% savings in time since we switched to SmartVault. I’m also very happy with the level of security. Having our files in SmartVault is far more secure than sending them back and forth manually or by email.”

Download PDF View Story Kris Thompson Publicity Director Theatre Suburbia

“I made the transition [to the cloud] quickly because SmartVault is so incredibly intuitive—for both myself and my clients.”

“My clients can access what they need, when they need it. SmartVault has substantially improved operations and significantly decreased the administrative work associated with managing all that paper.”

“We are just so much more efficient now. SmartVault has truly saved me hundreds of hours in manual tasks. And I can’t tell you how happy I am to get rid of so many storage boxes.”

Download PDF View Story Margaret Gay Small business owner Mimi's Boutique and Intimates

“SmartVault makes my life so much easier. My files are at my fingertips at all times, and when my clients need a file, it's so easy to share them!”

Ken Katrulya

“With SmartVault, we work with clients anywhere and also work as a remote team…we now have a national practice.”

View Story Jennifer Katrulya Managing Partner BMRG, LLC
Lee Brechner

“SmartVault is always available to answer my questions – you have a real secret weapon!”

View Story Lee Brechner Pinpoint Bookkeeping Solutions

“The combination of our new Fujitsu ScanScap scanners with SmartVault has made our practice much more efficient, collaborative and effective...”

Download PDF View Story Joe Woodard Founder Woodard Consulting Group