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"SmartVault is hands-down the most intuitive document management and portal solution available to the accounting profession. Our clients love it!"
Scott Kregel
CPA, MST, Owner

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A customer-first story. It's all about the customer...all the time.

Scott Kregel has always subscribed to a customer centric way of doing business, which is why he remains dedicated to simplifying the customer accounting experience across the board—from document collection to final delivery.

The Background: Struggling with a portal solution that was counter-intuitive to customers, Kregel realized he had to make a change to improve the workflow process and enhance the customer experience.

Scott Kregel, CPA, MST, and owner of Kregel & Company CPA stated right off the bat that the customer process takes precedence—even over internal firm workflow. “It’s all about the experience our customers have working with our firm. I believe that it’s our role to help the customer keep things as simple as possible.”

Prior to implementing SmartVault, Kregel used another online document storage program, integrated with client portals. He admitted that this solution worked fine for his staff, but it caused problems among customers who required a fair amount of training to use the portal platform.

“Customers shouldn’t have to spend more than a few minutes uploading and retrieving their documents. But with our old solution, my staff had to do a lot of coaching and explaining, and for some customers it was still too cumbersome,” said Kregel.

With a customer-first attitude, Kregel set out to identify a new system—one that would support his vision of simplifying customer workflow. It wasn’t long before he found SmartVault. “I knew this was a solution that would support my two main objectives—easy to implement for my team members and simple for our customers to use.”

A Solution for the Masses: Kregel explained that his customer base is made up of entrepreneurs and small businesses that run the gamut on tech-savviness

Kregel knows all too well that you can’t force all customers into one category. “We have exceptionally tech-smart customers and those that struggle.” It was imperative that Kregel & Company implement a solution for the masses. That solution, Kregel found, was SmartVault.

“SmartVault is hands-down the most intuitive document management and portal solution available to the profession. Customers need little to no explanation on how to use the system,” stated Kregel. SmartVault is now the main solution for handling all document exchange and sharing within the firm and with customers.

“SmartVault serves as our firm’s hub of document activity. Our customers love it because it eliminates any hoops or added pressure of using a more complex online system, and our part-time staff are able to work remotely without a glitch.”

Stellar, Personal Customer Support is the Key: Kregel can’t say enough good things about SmartVault’s customer support and said that his experience with SmartVault reminded him how critical it is to provide quality service and a rich customer experience in his own firm

“We are always focused on the customer experience, so why would we go with a vendor that didn’t treat their customers the same way?” Kregel remarked.

Scott was sold on SmartVault from the beginning, and a big part of the “sell” came from his experience with key members of the SmartVault support and customer care teams. “We had two main points of contact in the beginning, and both showered us with attention, helping us to properly organize our folder structure. It started us out on the right foot.”

Of course, with staff titles like “Director of Customer Success” and “Manager of Customer Happy,” it would be hard not have a rich and pleasant experience with the SmartVault team.

"We started with SmartVault because of their exceptionally high level of customer support and service, and we will stay with them for the same reason"
Scott Kregel
CPA, MST, Owner

A Word on Technical Support and Security: Other factors in Kregel’s decision to implement SmartVault included built-in tech support and elevated security

Kregel loves the fact that technical support is not an issue. “SmartVault lives in the Cloud, meaning the folks at SmartVault are on top of enhancements and updates. We have immediate access to new system versions without having to lift a finger. There is no reason for onsite technical staff, and that’s a big relief.”

Kregel stated that it’s nice not to have to deal with servers, IT personnel, and everything else that goes along with maintaining software.

Security was a big selling point as well. Kregel is well aware of the issues surrounding sharing customer documents via email, and finds the process of password protecting PDFs a big hassle.

“We had an IT customer that made it his personal mission to try and hack into a password-protected PDF of a tax return. He broke the code in less than 10 minutes and made sure I knew about it. With SmartVault, we know data is secure in the Cloud and sharing data via Vaults is the most secure method. And this particular IT customer is thrilled with SmartVault’s features, ease of use, and most of all, security.”

Overall, Kregel is thrilled with his document management solution choice. “We started with a focus on enhancing the customer experience…and that’s what we got thanks to SmartVault.”

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