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"SmartVault was the right client portal solution, all around. It's a highly secure platform for sharing documents in the cloud and is easy to implement and learn."
Darren Root

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It Was All About Ease-of-Use From the Start—That’s Why the Clear Choice was SmartVault

Entering a new and highly complex niche meant that Root needed a foolproof solution for web-based accounting and document management.

The Background:With medical practices being rapidly absorbed by hospitals, Darren Root knew he had to change his niche strategy, which also called for new technology

For years Root & Associates has experienced great success catering to the medical practice niche—having acquired several physician clients in Indiana. Within recent years, however, these clients have steadily been consolidated by large hospitals.

“Everyone is experiencing this trend,” Darren Root explained. The physician niche is a tough one these days because hospitals are gobbling them up left and right…creating larger physician groups”

In an attempt to stay ahead of the trend, Root brainstormed a new plan with his partner: To capture the physician market by approaching hospitals.

“We contacted the CFO at a local hospital,” Root said. “We explained how our firm could help centralize and streamline accounting for all medical groups under hospital management. We also explained our plan to implement a completely paperless accounting process.”

To support their pitch, Root and his partner developed a custom solution for the client, made up of leading technologies that enabled a paperless and efficient online workflow. A core component of this solution was SmartVault.

“We could not have captured this client without SmartVault. Integration with hosted QuickBooks and the ability to easily set up an online document storage for multiple groups was key in winning this account,” Root stated.

Creating a Simple Solution for a Complex Client: With multiple offices to support, Root knew he needed a way to simplify online document storage.

“Clients don’t like hassle. They want a smooth implementation and no business interruption. This meant we needed a solution that was exceptionally easy and required little training,” Root said.

One of the biggest challenges was finding a way to provide a secure and customizable online document storage system for various groups. After researching many options, SmartVault was the clear choice.

“The SmartVault Drive allowed us to map a custom drive for each physician group. Setting up an online document storage  system by location could have been an enormously complex undertaking. SmartVault made it simple,”
Root stated.

The simplicity of the solution also meant little to no business interruption for the client.

“It literally took us one day to implement the solution. And we did not experience a single glitch. When does that ever happen with technology?” Root exclaimed. “User training was also smooth. The interface is so incredibly intuitive that staff was up and running on the technology in no time.”

Streamlined integration with QuickBooks was also of great value. Users can scan, view, and find documents within a familiar application, which further decreased the need for training.

“SmartVault was the right solution all around. It provided a highly secure platform for sharing documents in the Cloud, integration with QuickBooks, and is probably one of the easiest solutions to implement and learn,”
stated Root.

Making the Client Happy is Job 1: Root admits that SmartVault made his job much easier, but in the end, it’s all about making the client happy

“The more efficient we can make implementation of a new solution for clients the better for our firm. But even more important is that implementation is a smooth experience for the client,” Root said.

The SmartVault Drive enabled Root to set up a familiar hierarchy of folders for each group. Users could create and delete folders as needed and easily drag and drop documents, invoices, and other files into appropriate folders.

“Everything about the solution was familiar to the user. Mapped SmartVault Drives were available on the users’ desktops—similar to Windows Explorer’s folder structure. Users could set up folders for everything from invoices to HR forms,” Root explained.

It’s all about the client’s satisfaction, according to Root, so making the right technology choices is key.

"I keep saying this, but that’s because it’s true. We couldn’t have done it without SmartVault. The hospital niche is new and complex territory. We had to go in and sell an efficient solution, supported by the right technology. In the end, it was the technology’s ease of use that helped us land this client."
Darren Root

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