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Real work begins when you automate the boring stuff

SmartVault is the all-in-one solution for online document storage and secure file sharing. Now's the time to standardize and digitize your workflow with the only solution that's built for accounting and business professionals.

Online Document Storage

Go paperless and centralize your documents with smart online document storage that's built for your business.

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Branded Client Portals

Give your clients a secure, easy, and professional way to collaborate with you in the cloud.

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Secure File Sharing

Enjoy the ease and convenience of sharing files in the cloud, without compromising on security.

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Seamless integration with the apps you

Xero Integrates with SmartVaultDocuSign LogoQuickBooks Document ManagementHubdoc LogoLacerte DMS

Save time and money with a paperless
office and standardized workflows

Securely collect, store,  & share files

Simplify the process of collecting files from clients, storing them securely, and sharing them with the right people.

Create efficient,

Simple workflows and standardized templates help you streamline your processes and gain efficiencies that scale.

SmartVault - Online Document Storage

Easy to learn, easy to use

If it's not easy to get started and fun to manage, your employees and clients won't use it. We guarantee you'll love it, or you'll get your money back.

Automate manual paper-based tasks

Spend more time doing what you love, and less time fetching, filing and finding documents.


Eliminate security vulnerabilities

Consumer-grade cloud apps put your firm and your clients at risk. SmartVault employs bank-level security practices to protect your documents and your business.

Bank-Grade Security

AES-256 bit encryption protects your data at rest, and SSL protects your documents in transit.


Compliance Tools

Get the tools you need to stay in compliance with regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, SEC, and more.


20,000+ accounting and business professionals SmartVault

I’ve experienced a 25% savings across the board when I figure in all the money saved by eliminating paper, postage, and the decrease in time I spent mired down in a manual workflow
Working within an online system has helped me streamline workflow and boost efficiency ... I was able to transition from hourly billing to fixed fees.
We run so much more efficiently now. I would estimate a 30% increase in time savings. This is huge, because saving time translates into saving money.
We use the SmartVault client portal to communicate with clients and deliver files. It’s so efficient, and it’s the level of digital service that the majority of our clients expect.
I’ve experienced a 25% savings across the board when I figure in all the money saved by eliminating paper, postage, and the decrease in time I spent mired down in a manual workflow
The integration between SmartVault and QuickBooks is fantastic! The applications talk to each other, making it easy to electronically file all documents. I no longer have to run between offices to locate requested files.
We have for sure saved time because we can easily support our out-of-state and out-of-country clients. Having a system that is ‘always on’ is great.
I’m 100% about client satisfaction, whether that means a paperless process, portals, or still delivering a paper copy. I want my clients to be happy. SmartVault allows me to support all my clients, no matter where they are in the paperless transition.
SmartVault has been integral in helping us standardize client services. We were able to create our own unique, uniform filing structure within the system, so now all we have to do is duplicate the file structure for each new client. It makes the onboarding process much easier.
I estimate that we’ve boosted efficiency during tax season by at least 90% since implementing SmartVault... I used to ‘survive’ during tax season. I now operate much more efficiently.
Anne Rosa
Anne Rosa, CPA
Donna Olah-Reiken
Preferred Small Business Solutions
Robert Laundry
Robert Laundry, CPA
Gary Kreitz
Gary A. Kreitz CPA & Associates, Inc.
Anne Rosa
Anne Rosa, CPA
Latoya Jablonski
Stearns Furniture
Jim Roberge
CPA, Partner
Karr & Boucher, PLLC
Casey Lynch
Casey Lynch, CPA
Marsha Gibb
Onboarding Manager
Michael Yuda
Michael J Yuda, CPA

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