Uploading a file to a folder in the SmartVault Client portal shows the message “Failed”


  • “Failed”. The message you see when you upload a file in the SmartVault Client portal. This can happen if you use the Browse button or the Drag and Drop feature.
  • File uploads to 2% and then hangs or locks up.


As of the October 2013 release, some browsers may have cookies caching data from the previous version of SmartVault and the cookies are not updating when connecting to the latest version of SmartVault on the server.


To resolve this issue,

  1. Ensure that you are on a supported version of the browser. If not, update it.
  2. Sign out of the SmartVault portal and close all browser windows.
  3. Use this link 13 Ways to Clear Your Browser’s Cookies.
  4. Open the browser and sign into SmartVault.

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