SmartVault Toolbar Plug-in for QuickBooks

Attach to and view source documents directly from QuickBooks transactions with the award-winning SmartVault Toolbar

SmartVault offers a unique plug-in for QuickBooks® creating a seamless user experience for scanning, attaching, and finding documents inside of QuickBooks. The plug-in is included as a download with our other powerful Desktop Tools, including the SmartVault Inbox and the SmartVault Drive. Our Desktop Tools were designed to make it easy to scan,
upload and view files quickly and easily so you can work the way YOU work.

You can easily attach documents and notes directly to over 30 different entries in QuickBooks, giving you built-in organization for your files and source documents. Access documents directly from QuickBooks or anytime and from anywhere via the SmartVault Web Portal or SmartVault Drive.

With the SmartVault Toolbar, you can:

  • Attach documents: Use the SmartVault Toolbar to scan paper documents directly to SmartVault, browse your local hard drive, or select a file from the SmartVault Inbox.
  • View documents: The folder icon tells you how many documents are associated with each QuickBooks entry, and allows you to view, print, and edit documents with a single click.
  • Add notes: Create memos for QuickBooks entries to keep records of important details.

Review: SmartVault for QuickBooks Document Management (And Beyond!) – May 1, 2012

Charlie Russell, The Sleeter Group Blog

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