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Catching Clouds

"We’ve grown 100% year over year, and this year I expect to see a 150% increase in business... we could not do what we do without SmartVault! "
cloud-accounting-scott-scharfScott Scharf

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Nothing but Cloud

Husband and wife team power successful outsourced accounting firm with all cloud, all the time

A self-proclaimed “technology geek,” Scott Scharf, alongside his wife and business partner Patti Scharf, are long-time believers in cloud technology. In fact, for more than 20 years the successful duo has operated a progressive, tech-driven firm. In Scott Scharf’s words, “We live and breathe technology.”

Today, Scharf, owner of Catching Clouds, an outsourced accounting services firm that specializes in ecommerce clientele—a unique pool of innately tech-savvy entrepreneurs. To support these clients, he has dedicated a great deal of time to building and maintaining an advanced technology infrastructure, comprised of leading cloud applications. SmartVault, according to Scharf, is an integral component of this infrastructure.

A user since 2008, Scharf was deliberate and thoughtful in his selection of the right file storage and sharing application. “I run my business exclusively in the cloud and I needed a solution that worked for both us [firm staff] and our clients. I had a list of requirements, and SmartVault met them all,” he explained.

A technology guru, Scharf is not the average customer. He evaluates each application by a strict set of standards. In evaluating a file sharing and storage app, his criteria included:

  • Provide unparalleled security—Every application considered must offer the highest level of security. “SmartVault takes security to a new level. I trust it to keep data safe,” Scharf said.
  • Enable setup of a custom folder structure—“We have to be able to support individual client folders. There can be no cross-pollinating of data across clients. SmartVault allows us to do this.”
  • Integrate with other key technologies—such as Hubdoc and Xero. “We rely heavily on Hubdoc to automatically aggregate and fetch client invoices, receipts, and bills from financial institutions. We had to have a file storage system that integrated with Hubdoc, where source documents could be automatically filed. Again, that was SmartVault.”
  • Allow mapping of a unique drive—“SmartVault allows us to set up our own custom drive and folder structure.”
  • Offer other helpful features—such as email notifications of client activity. “One of the most helpful features is the system’s email alerts. We are notified each time a client uploads files. If we didn’t have this, we wouldn’t know what was out there waiting for us. This allows us to operate much more efficiently,” said Scharf.

An active participant in the evolution of technology

Beyond just selection of technologies to integrate within his firm, Scott Scharf is an active player in helping technology vendors advance their products to support his own firm and the needs of the profession as a whole.

“I’ve worked closely with SmartVault over the years to get certain features in place. They deeply understand the accounting profession and are always willing to listen in order to enhance the product with features that will resolve issues for practitioners.”

Scharf has been integral in SmartVault’s recent integration with Hubdoc. “SmartVault is the foundation of our platform and Hubdoc is central to supporting our outsourced accounting clients. This integration was critical for us, and SmartVault worked with me to make it happen.”

Final words…

No stranger to technology, Scharf is not an easy sell. He takes the time to research and test technologies…as well as work with vendors post-purchase on enhancements that will improve efficiencies for both his own firm and his peers. And his efforts have more than paid off. So efficient is his operation that he continues to grow at a rapid rate.

“We’ve grown 100% year over year, and this year I expect to see a 150% increase in business,” Scharf shared.

Running an efficient firm is key to Scharf’s business model, and a sound technology infrastructure is at the heart of a highly optimized business. And at the heart of it all is SmartVault. Scharf said, “We could not do what we do without SmartVault!”

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